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ARASS-Brera logoARASS-Brera members are all retired volunteers who share a passion for the history of physics, engineering and technology; they have performed the following activities:

  • mechanics in the field of fine mechanics,
  • watchmakers, instrumentalists
  • teaching model builders,
  • toolmakers, opticians

Thanks to the restoration work carried out by a few, but focused volunteers, each year about 10,000 people come in contact with the historical and scientific association of Brera and then are exposed to the culture of science.

The majority are students of all levels but also many adults. After the first restoration work carried out within the Association of Brera many requests for cooperation have come to the A.R.A.S.S by public institutions holders of important collections of historic scientific instruments.

Activities performed every day by  ARASS-Brera members are an example of high professionalism and experience that generate the highest "value added", which is made available to the public free of charge.

It must also be stated that the work of members of ARASS-Brera does not end with the restoration, however complicated it is, of the scientific instrument, but also extends into the archive and library research to accompany the instrument of all those historical informations that are somehow related to it.

So we can say that ARASS-Brera is a resource without which many public institutions could not have restored their collections of scientific instruments; and it is expected that  ARASS-Brera will help many others in the future, to minimize the risk, always present,  that losses may occur and therefore a depletion of our heritage.