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On Friday may 20th 2011 hosted by Pinacoteca di Brera in Milano,
it has been officially presented the restoration project of the


of the famous astronomer G.V. Schiaparelli


Sandrina Bandera - Soprintendente e Direttore della Pinacoteca di Brera

Giovanni Pareschi - Direttore Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera

Nello Paolucci - Presidente ARASS-Brera


restoration project by ARASS-BRERA

Corriere della Sera - 21 maggio 2011The Equatorial Telescope Repsold-Merz, built in 1879, was bought by the Italian government for the astronomer Giovanni Virgilio Schiaparelli and  installed at the Astronomical Observatory of Brera where it remained until the '30s. It was later moved to the branch of Merate Observatory, where it had a very limited usage, until the mid-50s. In 1960 it was dismantled and the pieces scattered in various locations. In 2010, on the centenary of the death of astronomer Schiaparelli, it was decided to proceed with the functional restoration of the telescope. Arass-Brera and INAF-Brera Astronomical Observatory are working to ensure that this historic and important tool will return to live in its original location, available to the public for observation of the sky of Milan.